Sully District Police Station Update

Sully District Police Station Update

Capt. Rachel Levy, commander of the Sully District Police Station, gave a station update during the March 8 meeting of the station’s Citizens Advisory Committee. She noted the current crime trends, while reassuring local residents that they’re in good hands.

She said thefts of catalytic converters continue to be a problem – especially from work vehicles parked in dark areas. “Some of these vehicles have two on them, so that makes them more valuable,” explained Levy.

There was a rash of airbags stolen from cars here, in late 2022 and early this year, but not so much recently, she said. However, she added, “The theft of motor-vehicle parts is our number-one crime in the Sully District right now. Next are thefts from cars.”

Levy said there were some commercial burglaries, mainly along the Route 50 corridor in Chantilly, but police arrested the person they believe is responsible for them. She said two more happened that morning, and detectives were investigating both incidents. In addition, assaults – mostly domestic – are up slightly.

However, said Levy, “Our DWI arrests are up 48 percent – so the officers are out there trying to keep this area safe. Traffic safety is one of our top priorities, and arrests are also up for other crimes. Our officers are being proactive; they’re doing a great job and working really hard. Sully District is, by and far, probably the safest district in Fairfax County, and we’re very proud of that.”