Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Boysko Criticism Off-Base

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Boysko Criticism Off-Base

Michael Pope’s recent article in which he insinuated that Virginia Del. Jennifer Boysko (D-86) might be ineffective because she was fighting the system was way off-base.

In her first term as a state delegate Boysko has chief-patroned or co-patroned many bills that successfully passed and became law, some in collaboration with her Republican colleagues. Those bills, to name a few, include increasing access of mental health programs for volunteer fire and rescue personnel, prohibiting I-66 HOV lanes to change from HOV 2 to HOV 3, improving the make-up of the state Forensic Science Board, establishing a tax credit for food crops grown for donating to nonprofit food banks, authorizing bonds to be issued to construct veterans care centers, increasing the penalty for someone to possess a firearm who is under a permanent protective order for family abuse, etc.

I say “Bravo!” to Del. Boysko for being brave enough to share with the public that Republican committee leaders kill bills without hearings, with minutes notice to patrons, or with unrecorded voice votes. And yes, a recent opioid-related bill that Boysko researched and chief-patroned was killed and then reintroduced by a Republican so that he could get credit for it, not her. But Boysko believes that having these important bills pass is more important than whose name is attached to it.

These are examples of some of the political shenanigans that occur in Richmond. Mr. Pope is concerned about Boysko violating unwritten rules by bringing these antics to light? The people of the 86th district did not elect Boysko to go to Richmond so that the Republican leaders could patronizingly pat her on the head as if to say, “Wait your turn, young lady.”

Delegate Boysko is an important part of the Northern Virginia Delegation and represents the people of the 86th with heart and honor.

Barbara Glakas